• 17 x 10"
Category: Originals
Media: Acrylic,Board
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

"In Pieces"
"The Picadors Horse"
"Left Tied"
"Buckskin and Pink"
"The Old Grey"
"Copper Pennies"
"A Small Tug"
"First Light"
"Up Ahead"
"Buckskin and Bone"
"Dark Water"
"Bald Faced Paint"
"Untitled Arena"
"Blue Capriccio"
"Soft Focus"
"In the Weave"
"About Shelter"
"Untitled Chase"
"Untitled Buckskin"
"Time of Day"
"Untitled Pair"
"Color like Fire"
"Blue Sand"
"Roans and Greys"
"Moving Air"
"Afternoon Dust"
"Fast Track"
"Stone Junction"
"Fastwater and Moonshine"
"Something Inside"
"Blue Morning"
"The Wild One"
"After the Rain"
"Wind Blown"
"Turning In"
"Close Quarters"
"Shadow Dancing"
"Parallel Lives"
"Standing Start"
"The Extra Mile"
"Untitled Foothold"
"Peeling Off"
"Night Work"
"Untitled Roan"
"Hold Your Horses"
"Cut Out"
"Untitled "
"Twisting Kick"
"Clear Blue Eye"
"Shades of Grey"
"Roll with It, Blue on Grey"
"Touch and Go Again"
"Kicking Up Dust"
"Working Pickup"
"A Roping Horse's Halo"
"New Rope, Old Day"
"Military Hardware"
"Thought and Reason"
"An American Dance"
"Cut Right"
"Ruben and Shadow"
"Pulling Up"
"The Competitor"
"Self portrait as Ropers Horse"
"Phantoms in the Dust"
"Winter Coat"
"Work Ethics"
"Wild Bunch"
"NM Saddle Bronc"
"Buckskin and Red"
"Hard Pressed"
"Untitled Paint"
"Portrait of a Bucking Horse"
"Bucked Off"
"Balancing Act"
"Walking Back"
"Staying Straight"
"Mares and Foals"
"The Chutes"
"Rodeo's Last Ride"
"Touch and Go"
"Hectors Horse"
"Line Up"
"Sunshine and Dust"
"Untitled 2"
"In the Chutes"
"Red Roan"
"Full Stretch"
"Blue Horse"
"Bareback Ride"
"Stadium Bronc"
"Marilyn's Painting"
"Evergreen Bareback"
"Belly Up"
"Family Unit"
"Untitled Buckskin "
"Parallel Lines"
"Shades of Grey"
"Peeling Off"
"Work Ethic"
"Stadium Cowboy"
"Close Quarters"
"Belly Up"
"Untitled Blue"
"Stadium Cowboy"
"Marilyn's Painting"
"Evergreen Bareback"
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